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Linthorpe Art Pottery

Dates: 1879-1889

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Set up in Middlesborough, Yorkshire, by Christopher Dresser with a businessman associate John Harrison. Harrison owned land with a deposit of red brick clay, and it was intended that the art wares produced by the company would be supported, and the local unemployment alleviated, by commercial production. Dresser served as art director for three years until 1882. The company supplied retail outlets such as the Art Furnishers' Alliance, Howell, James & Co. and Liberty & Co. The pottery closed after Harrison's death. Henry Tooth, who had been recruited to the Linthorpe pottery, left in 1883 to establish the Bretby Art Pottery at Woodville in Derbyshire with William Ault:

Ault set up his own pottery at Swadlincote in 1887 in competition with Linthorpe. He was able to acquire the Dresser moulds at auction when Linthorpe closed, and continued to produce Dresser designs at least until Dresser's death in 1904. Many of the staff from Linthorpe went to Burmantofts Pottery after 1889, which may explain the similarities in their products.

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