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Table and chair designed and made by Romney Green c 1920

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From a group of furniture currently in the ownership of Arthur Grogan, for many years the curator of Standen, the National Trust House by Philip Webb.  All this furniture is well known and is illustrated in the book: Life to the Lees, a biography of Romney Green by Susan Elkin.   Romney Green (1872-1945) was originally a boat maker.  This piece was one of the pieces commissioned from him by the Mathers, who in the first case purchased a boat from him but who ultimately became his life long Friends.  Richard Mather and his wife Marie ordered a set of dinning room furniture from Green whilst living in Blackeath c 1915.  Later they bought a house in Dulwich and Green was commissioned to furnish it throughout.  It was in fact the only house that he completely furnished in his career.

Dimensions: Table: 24" wide by 27" high, chair: 34" high by 18" deep by 13" wide

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